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Onnafit Beauty Health It is the latest in Aesthetic Technology, “where we meet the objectives, and achieve visible and effective results in just 2 weeks.” discover the latest in body contouring technology. The objective of this technology is based on exercising muscles through muscle contractions by applying local electrical impulses to certain muscle groups. Legs, glutes, abdomen, flanks, lumbar and arms are worked simultaneously.


  • Eliminates fat locally.
  • Tones and defines muscle
  • Strengthens the muscles, releasing tension, bad postures and relieving pain

Duration 1 hour

Procedure Electrostimulation

Results Toned and reshaped body Reduce up to 6 cm from your waist in just two weeks!


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Onnafit Beauty & Health body

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Capacity: 1 | Duration: 1h
Onnafit Beauty Health It is the latest in body remodeling treatment to reduce fat and tone muscle without surgery thanks to the help of electrostimulation.

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