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Benefits Skin tightening – Cheek lift – Remodeling of the V-shaped facial contour – Redefinition of the mandibular arch – Double chin treatment – Fat reduction – Neck and décolleté rejuvenation – Eyebrow lift – Upper eyelid retraction

Procedure During the treatment we deposit focused ultrasonic energy at multiple depths and in programmed sequences, to achieve a lifting effect without surgery and tightening the skin. You can have this treatment throughout the year and the number of sessions varies depending on the case to be treated and the objective of the treatment, but in most cases they are between 1, 2 or 3 sessions per year.

Duration 30 minutes

Results The first effects of the treatment HIFU ULFIT Facial They are instantaneous and become more evident as the weeks go by, presenting the peak of results after approximately 3 months.

The treatment can do a complete facial or it can focus only on the area that worries us; (periorbital + eyebrows + forehead) or (peribuccal + cheekbone + nasogenian) or (neck + oval + double chin)


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HIFU ULFIT face treatment



Capacity: 1 | Duration: 30min.

Third generation HIFU technology is currently the most advanced and most reliable method for a lifting with skin remodeling without surgery. Thanks to the focused Micro and Macro ultrasounds, this treatment combats fat and sagging, making a difference in terms of results. Firms, remodels and tightens your skin.

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