What is Indiba and what is it for?

INDIBA Deep Beauty is a treatment facial and body radiofrequency which acts with low frequency waves on the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, reactivating its regeneration capacity. It is a non-invasive therapy with immediate results that will allow you to show off smooth and uniform skin.

body indiba

  • It allows remodel different areas of the body
  • Fight the sagging arms
  • Decreases the cellulite in legs and buttocks
  • Reduces the visibility of scars or stretch marks anywhere on the body

Indiba Facial

  • Eliminate the eye bags
  • Firms the skin of the neck and face, combating facial flab
  • Reduces the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines

Why choose INDIBA over other radiofrequency treatments?

1. It is made in Spain

INDIBA is the acronym for Research Division Barcelona, a Catalan company that launched it in 1983 first for medical use and that has been developing new versions for more than three decades (beauty, health, wellness and veterinary) to continue being number one. A national achievement that must be encouraged and applauded because it is not easy to compete with American, Italian or Israeli cutting-edge technology, to name some 'monsters' of aesthetics.

2. It's practically painless

Despite being a monopolar radiofrequency, which combines different thermal currents that are responsible for increasing the metabolism of tissues with the aim of firming or burning fat, An Indiba Deep Beauty session does not hurt like other radio frequencies that 'burn', like Thermage, and its benefits are immediate.

3. 'Good face' flash effect

To paraphrase Ana Morales, beauty editor of Vogue.es, after trying it for the first time “I was able to do something I had never done before after a facial: go without makeup all afternoon and look super good. Yes, when I left the cabin and looked in the mirror I had a sensation that I had not experienced in a long time: I saw my skin just as radiant as when you have done a sleep cure and slept 10 hours”. It is not surprising that faces like Kate Winslet, Helen Lindes or Julianne Moore use it every time they have to walk the red carpet.

4. It is the most effective radio frequency

INDIBA is the fastest and most effective radiofrequency treatment. Its effects are visible from the first session being able to reach the desired result in just 6 sessions. One session a month is capable of keeping the law of gravity at bay, as it stops 'fall' anywhere it is applied: neckline, neck, inner face of arms and legs, buttocks, abdomen... The best thing? It is also a great ally to combat cellulite and localized fat.

5. Adapts like a glove to other treatments

"I like to combine Indiba with shock cosmetic treatments in the cabin because it enhances the results of the active ingredients used and improves their effectiveness, since the skin is more receptive and permeable," says Carmen Navarro. It is a must have in sports medicine and ideal for relieving pain and accelerating recovery from injuries.

In fact, in its Activ version, it is one of the great allies of elite athletes, such as Rafa Nadal, who use it to speed up recovery from injuries and alleviate muscle and joint pain. Perfect for back contractures, chronic pain, post-operative breaks, for example. This version is only available in rehab clinics.

6. Helps cure and prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions

If you are an avid runner, have had one or more births, have pain when having sexual relations or simply want to prevent possible urinary incontinence problems derived from age, Indiba Activ is perfect for regaining the strength of the pelvic floor muscles (It is also very useful for them, when there is impotence or erectile dysfunction).

7. It is perfect before and after an aesthetic intervention

In its purely medical version, known as Deep Care for exclusive use by physicians (dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, surgeons...) reduces scars, edema, hematomas and accelerates recovery of aesthetic interventions thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. There are many specialists who recommend two or three sessions before the intervention and as many afterwards.


What types of INDIBA are there?

Within INDIBA radiofrequency therapy we can identify different modalities designed for a specific purpose:

Indiba Deep Beauty

It is the one found in beauty centers like Solmax and has aesthetic purposes (reduce sagging, eliminate wrinkles, combat cellulite, etc.)

Indiba Deep Care

It is the medical version from INDIBA and is used for more complex treatments where edema and hematomas occur.

Indiba Active

It is the sport version, specific for therapists. Allows you to treat muscle pain and injuries.



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