What is pressotherapy and what benefits does it have?

The pressotherapy is a non-surgical body treatment used in aesthetic medicine to achieve a lymphatic drainage in people who have circulatory problems (edema, spider veins, cellulite) and fat accumulations. But what does it consist of? The procedure is natural and painless and consists of applying different air pressures to the affected areas of the body using a pneumatic suit. In this way, blood circulation, the lymphatic system and fluid reabsorption are stimulated.

Benefits of pressotherapy

  • Stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Fight the fluid retention promoting the absorption of edema
  • Eliminate toxins and boosts the immune system
  • Reduce cellulite and localized fat significantly
  • Reduce the volume and redefines the silhouette
  • Oxygenates the skin, restoring its elasticity and firmness
  • Tone the muscle and helps in its recovery
  • Fight the tired legs syndrome and high blood pressure


Pressotherapy on legs and abdomen

As we have previously explained, pressotherapy is a treatment that works through ascending air pressures, exerting a compression and decompression effect to activate the circulatory and blood system. This activation, in addition to eliminating toxins from our body, helps us reduce adipose tissue and eliminate excess fluids. reducing swelling and volume in both the abdomen and legs. In addition, skin reoxygenation allows tissues to be firmed and toned, helping us to better define the silhouette in both areas of our body.

Pressotherapy is also an excellent ally to combat and prevent those alterations of the circulatory system that are reflected in our legs: varices or spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks, etc..


Pressotherapy during pregnancy: recommendations and precautions

Pressotherapy has great benefits for the circulatory and lymphatic system, being a very successful option for prevent vascular risks and treat the main problems that arise during pregnancy: swelling of legs and feet, varicose veins, symptoms of heaviness, etc. However, it is important to know the precautions that must be taken to apply this treatment during the pregnancy period:

  • Do not apply to the trunk or pelvis area, it should be done exclusively on legs
  • No The procedure should be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Consult the session frequency pressotherapy with a specialist



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