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The body treatments in aesthetics they include methods and appliances that achieve spectacular results.
In Solmax Santander we attach importance to the solutions they provide welfare to our clients and respect the natural care of the organism. Physiological hormonal changes, the stress of life and other bodily changes that occur over time cause fat and blemishes to accumulate in difficult areas; in Solmax we want to offer you a safe space where to take care of yourself


ULFIT® HIFU Treatment

He ULFIT® HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment who uses high intensity ultrasonic waves to improve the appearance of the skin and treat various conditions. “HIFU” means High Intensity Focused Ultrasound in English.

This procedure is commonly used for facial and body rejuvenation, as it can stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. The ULFIT® HIFU is particularly Effective in reducing sagging and wrinkles in areas such as the face, neck, abdomen and thighs.

It is important to highlight that ULFIT® HIFU is a safe procedure and does not require significant recovery time. However, Results may vary depending on the person and the severity of the problem being treated.

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Recommendations and information on body treatments

What is the most effective treatment for cellulite?

If you are looking to make cellulite disappear quickly and effectively, our combination Bellaction + Pressotherapy is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the lymphatic drainage effects of pressotherapy and BellAction's physioactive massage, you will be able to obtain immediate results and work on the deepest tissues to combat the most stubborn cellulite.

What is the best body treatment to reduce flaccidity and tone up?

Wonder is one of the most effective non-invasive slimming/firming treatments. For its application, an apparatus of electrostimulation that achieves firm tissue and tone muscle.

Wonder sessions should be done on alternate days and no less than two per week. Offering results in record time.

Is SHR laser hair removal painless?

In Solmax our system SHR System Laser Hair Removal is the most novelfast and painless of medical-aesthetic hair removal that exists on the market. This hair removal method WITHOUT PAIN is fully effective when eliminate all body hair permanently. Our state-of-the-art laser system uses xenon light combined with the technology of the Diode laser SHR (Super Hair Removal) system to guarantee the best result and the best customer experience.

What does pressotherapy consist of and how many sessions are needed?

The pressotherapy It is a technique indicated to achieve a lymphatic drainage in people who present medical and aesthetic problems, such as alterations in the circulatory system, tired legs, spider veins, edema, cellulite and accumulations of fat. This lymphatic drainage is carried out by applying air to the body, and to do so, it is necessary for the person to enter a pneumatic suit equipped with a certain number of chambers that distribute air pressure throughout the affected areas of the body. This technique is very easy to doit is not painful, is effectivenon-invasive and enough economic.

Although pressotherapy offers results visible from the first session is It is advisable to carry out around 10 sessions (2 weekly sessions) to get all your benefits

When is it advisable to perform a body peeling?

Body peeling is a treatment focused on removing dead skin cells to improve its appearance and oxygenation. Allowing you to show off soft, smooth and luminous skin. In Solmax Santander you We recommend performing the body peeling treatment twice a year: one session before summer to achieve a uniform and long-lasting tan and a second session at the end of summer to rebalance and hydrate the skin, repairing possible damage.

How many sessions of wood therapy are needed to see results?

The first effects of wood therapy can be seen from the first session. However, to achieve more visible results, a total of 5-10 sessions. Approximately one session per week for one or two months, depending on the specific needs of each client

When is it advisable to perform lymphatic drainage?

He Manual lymphatic drainage It is a type of therapeutic massage especially indicated for prevent fluid retention and relieve the feeling of swelling in legs, arms and feet.

How many sessions are recommended for the BELLACTION DUO treatment?

The recommended number of BellAction Duo sessions is between 10 and 20, always depending on each case. With a minimum of 2 sessions per week, and 1 maintenance per month. Likewise, All our treatments are personalized and the individual characteristics of the client will be taken into account to advise one number of sessions or another.

What happens if I shave the same day as laser hair removal?

It is not advisable to shave the same day as the laser. since the skin becomes sensitized and irritated. Additionally, shaving can remove part of the hair follicle, making it difficult for the laser to reach it. It is advisable to shave between 1 and 2 days before to perform the laser session.

What is the most effective body treatment to eliminate localized fat without surgery?

Within the wide variety of body remodeling treatments, treatments that work with focused ultrasound They are the most effective for eliminating fat from certain areas of the body where it is more difficult to act with diet and sport. Thanks to treatments such as Adipologie or HIFU ULFIT It is possible to eliminate localized fat without resorting to surgery. 

Give a Body Treatment

Here are some body treatment ideas you might consider giving away:

Relaxing massage: A relaxing body massage can be a wonderful gift. You can opt for different types of massage, depending on the preferences of the person to whom you will give the treatment.

Body wrap: Body wraps are treatments in which a mixture of natural products, such as seaweed, mud or essential oils, is applied to the body. These products help to hydrate, nourish and improve the appearance of the skin.

Consider gifting a package that includes several body treatments, such as a massage, body wrap, Kestos, Wonder, Indiba, Drainage, Peeling, Onnafit, Maderotherapy, Minceur, Bellation… This will give the person the opportunity to relax and enjoy a complete wellness experience.

Remember that it is important to take into account the preferences and needs of the person to whom you will give the treatment.. Our Company enjoys a reputation for providing quality services with the best professionals.



You choose the treatments and we calculate the price on the spot.  

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