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Tanning and vitamin D

In Solmax Santander we know the benefits of Solarium, which, like any exposure to the sun, provides an excellent treatment for certain skin pathologies, enhances the production of Vitamin D, improves the mood and prepares the skin to receive the summer. We adequately adapt the exposure time to each type of skin, to provide a uniform tan and a very nice tone. Don't wait until you have time to sunbathe, come to Solmax to get that tan you're looking for.

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Recommendations and information about UVA rays sessions

Are UVA rays less harmful than the sun?

Contrary to what many people think UVA rays are less harmful than the sunAs long as they are used properly.

When we use the solarium we carefully control the usage time, we can perfectly define the doses, there is no need to use protective filters and the risk of burns is minimal because the dose is adjusted to the client's skin type. At Solmax we take care of every detail to offer you a safe and beautiful tan.

What to do before and after a session of UVA rays

to enjoy the many benefits UVA rays certain precautions must be taken:

  • It is mandatory the use of glasses specific protections for this purpose.
  • not wear makeupNo perfume or creams.
  • moisturize the skin with a good moisturizing product and drink plenty of water after exposure.
  • Do not take solarium the same day as goes to the beach nor vice versa.

How many consecutive days can solarium sessions be applied?

To enjoy the many benefits of UVA rays, certain precautions must be taken among them. at least 48 hours must pass between the first sessions

How many sessions of UVA rays are necessary for results to be noticed?

As a general rule to obtain results between 6 and 10 sessions of UVA rays are necessary. This varies depending on the desired tan and the characteristics of the client's skin.

Who should not take UVA rays?

Exposure to UVA rays or tanning booths is not recommended for people with skin phototype I, pregnant and under 18 years of age.

Why do some people tan faster?

The speed with which the desired tan is achieved will depend on genetics. This is what determines the skin phototype of each person, defining how your skin will react to both solar and cabin radiation.

Give away SOLARIUM sessions

“The perfect gift for lovers of UVA rays”

The Solarium Cabinas UV rays GIFT card is the best plugin to a gift you can give. Solarium Cabinas gives you more facilities than ever, so you can give this card as a gift that allows you more freedom than ever to tan.

You can choose between any of the UV rays machines that the Solarium Cabinas tanning center has. Whether Turbo, Vertical or Facial.

This card is ideal if you have a wedding or a celebration where you have to go with a radiant tan and You want to take 8 sessions in just 15 days. 



You choose the treatments and we calculate the price on the spot.  

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Solar protection

Tattoo Envelopes.

SPF 30.

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