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Legs capuccino 15 ml

Loción aceleradora del bronceado para piernas

Brand 7Suns Cosmetics

Benefits bronceado bonito y duradero rápidamente

Ingredients principales

  • Ultra-hydrating complex of rice amylopectin and coralline algae - Provides immediate relief to dry skin, provides long-lasting protective and moisturizing effects (120 hours of power!)
  • Extract of cerumen leaves and flowers : rich in dihydromyricetin, which inhibits and delays unnecessary hair growth.
  • Immediate Tanning Formula - selected ingredients of natural origin (caramel and carrot oil rich in beta-carotene), help to achieve a tanned tan immediately after a session in the solarium.
  • cocoa butter : thanks to the high content of antioxidants, it delays the skin aging process, regenerates and perfectly moisturizes dry skin.
  • Original Blend of Emollients - responsible for the transport of the active ingredients in the skin and for the perfect diffusion of the cosmetic and a silky finish on the skin.
  • MultiOil Formula : carefully selected natural oils (corn oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil, rosemary extract, passion fruit oil), whose task is to care for the skin, deeply nourish it and give it a healthy glow.
  • macadamia wax - intensely regenerates the skin, rebuilds the lipid layer and prevents transepidermal water loss
  • mango butter - a large amount of carotenoids, nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Delayed Bronzers Formula - based on DHA, its effect is revealed after a few/several hours of the session.

Application Aplicar de forma previa a la exposición a rayos uva extendiendo la loción por las zonas corporales a broncear


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Legs cappuccino (15ml) – 7Suns Cosmetics


Cappuccino 15ml

Accelerator + instant tanner for legs

Tanned like never before, ultra-hydrated, radiant and pleasantly soft... Cappuccino Legs is a recipe for pampered legs in every sense.

The balm formula combines ingredients that intensely accelerate tanning and instant and delayed tanners. It's a guarantee of a deep tan, even if your legs have been the "tough place" to tan so far. In addition, the balm perfectly masks the typical “sunshine” smell!

  • Smell:  Morning coffe
  • Balm Color:  dark brown

Available in capacities: 15ml, 150ml.

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