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The manicure It is a beauty technique for the nail care and beautification. It helps to show off hands with a soft, clean, beautiful and cared appearance that reflects the person's personality. The manicure helps to keep the nails in good condition, conceals and conceals small anomalies, and can even be considered as a hygiene treatment. In Solmax Santander Apart from being well done, your manicure will be done with love and professionalism so that it lasts as long as possible. What are you looking to convey?


Nail art or manicure is a fun and creative way to beautify your nails. In addition to basic manicure treatments, such as filing, polishing and glazing, you can choose to add extra treatments to give a special touch to your nails. Some options could include:

  • nail art
  • Special enamels: Matte or glossy effects.
  • Nail Stamping: This technique uses nail stamping plates with predefined designs that are transferred to the nails with a special stamp and nail ink.
  • Encapsulated nail design: This involves placing elements such as dried flowers, sequins, or foil between layers of clear gel polish to create a three-dimensional effect on your nails.
  • Velvet or plush nails: This technique involves applying small velvet or plush fibers to wet nails, creating a soft, velvety texture.
  • Gradient nails: Using sponges or gradient brushes, you can create smooth color transitions on your nails.
  • encapsulated nails in water (water marbling): This technique involves creating abstract designs by dipping the nails in water with different colored polishes.
  • ORnails with personalized designs: If you have a specific idea in mind, you can order a custom design for you.

Prices to consult

tratamiento HIFU ULFIT facial en centro de estetica solmax santander

MANICURE Services and Reservations

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Give the gift of a manicure treatment

Giving a manicure is a great idea. You can choose different options to do it, but from here it will be much more comfortable and you will have two options:

    • Custom card: You choose the treatment
    • closed price card: You choose the amount you want to give

Gift card: You can buy a gift card from this trusted site SOLMAX SANTANDER recognized for our quality of services and the lucky person will be able to exchange the card for a manicure according to their preferences.

Remember to consider the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you will give the manicure. You will surely appreciate the gesture and enjoy special care for your nails!



You choose the treatments and we calculate the price on the spot.  

Uñas de gel acrilico en centro de estética solmax santander

Acrylic gel sculpted nails




Semi-permanent enamel


color only


uñas semipermanentes con diseño francesa en centro de estetica solmax santander
pulidora y torno para el tratamiento reparador de uñas en centro de estetica solmax santander

manicured hands

nail repair treatment


Repair treatment + manicure

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