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Solution to specific health conditions

In Solmax Santander we know that the massages they can be a powerful tool that can help you in your health and well-being. Massage is a general term for the pressure, rubbing, and manipulation of the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The massage can vary depending on the needs and tastes of the client; the specializations of our center can offer you a solution to specific health conditions and also a great way to relieve stress. Remember that they are a way to pamper yourself and feel good.

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Recommendations and information about the massage service

What are Hot Pindas?

It's a treatment relaxing and decongestant. It's about a massage that combines the heat and pressure of the pindas to relax body and mind.

What benefits can a massage bring me?

Discover the benefits of massages to reduce stress, increase your relaxation, reduce pain, inflammation and muscle tension, improve circulation in your body, lower heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to improve the immune function of your body. Connect with your body comfortably to take care of it as it deserves.

What does a relaxing massage include?

A relaxing full body massage consists of application of light pressure at a slow and constant pace in different areas of the body to relieve the sensation of pain and promote muscle relaxation.

What is foot reflexology and what is it for?

Foot reflexology is a technique of therapeutic massage in which, through the stimulation of different points on the feet (reflex points), it is possible to improve different body ailments: back, chest or neck pain; migraines, etc.

What is Ayurvedic massage and what are its benefits?

Ayurveda massage has its origins in traditional Indian medicine and Its objective is to promote balance between body and mind by acting through the doshas of each individual. It is a personalized massage where different types of essential oils and pressures are used according to the client's needs. 

Between the Main benefits from Ayurveda massage we find that it helps reduce anxiety, to eliminate toxins already improve the immune system.

What happens if you get massages while pregnant?

During pregnancy it is common to feel tired, heaviness and muscle pain. It is because of that A massage can bring many benefits during pregnancy calming muscle tension, reducing stress and mitigating the pain of cramps that usually occur during pregnancy.

Give a Solmax Massage

Massage treatments are a wonderful gift for someone seeking relaxation and stress relief. Here are some options for massage treatments that you could give as gifts:

Deep Tissue Massage: This treatment targets deeper muscles and works to relieve chronic tension and muscle knots. It is excellent for those seeking relief from specific aches and pains.

Hot Pindas, Detox…

Sports massage: Designed for athletes and active people, this type of massage helps prevent injuries, improve performance and accelerate muscle recovery.

Check out all the services we offer so you can choose the ideal massage treatment for your gift.



You choose the treatments and we calculate the price on the spot.  

masaje antiestrés con bambú en centro de estetica solmax santander

Anti-stress massages

Holistic Anti-Stress Massage

Full Body Relaxing Massage

Craniofacial massage

Anti-cellulite massages

Detox Massage

Localized Reducing/Anticellulite Massage

Tired Legs Massage

tratamiento anticelulítico en centro de estetica solmax santander
tratamiento remodelador y reafirmante en centro de estetica solmax santander

Reducing/Firming Massages

wood therapy

Localized Reducing/Anticellulite Massage

Hot Pindas Massage

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