Facial treatments in Santander

Keep your skin in a healthy and beautiful state

the face is ours most personal body part, our letter of introduction to interact with others and the one we mistreat the most using creams, makeup, soaps, etc.

In Solmax Santander We analyze your skin and offer you the necessary recommendations so that you can hydrate your face, rejuvenate it, improve its texture, increase elasticity and reduce blemishes that appear over time.


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Facial Treatments for every skin

Hollywood PEEL facial

Acne Control Treatment

Magic Glow Facial Treatment

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Rejuvenating Facial Treatments

IPL facial photorejuvenation

Anti-aging Facial Treatment

DMK Facial Enzyme Therapy

Give away facial treatments

Gift facial treatments It is an excellent option to pamper someone special. Here are some ideas for facial treatments that you could give as gifts:

Deep cleansing facial.
Moisturizing facial.
Anti-acne facial.
Rejuvenating facial.
Relaxing facial.

Remember to be sure and take into account the needs and preferences of the person you are giving the facial to to make sure it is the right one for them.


You choose the treatments and we calculate the price on the spot.  

Recommendations and information on facial treatments

Dermapen or Plasmapen?

The choice between both treatments will be determined by the client's needs. Plasmapen is more effective in treating the most difficult wrinkles and blemishes located in the deepest layer of the skin, but it also entails a longer treatment time and a slightly longer subsequent recovery. dermapen For his part, although in a more superficial way, allows you to treat wrinkles and imperfections in different areas in the same session. Reducing treatment time and allowing recovery in one or two days.

What is the Dermapen facial treatment and what is the result?

To perform the dermapen facial rejuvenation treatment, a device with micro-needles is used that creates controlled micro-lesions on the dermis and epidermis, safely promoting the skin's innate ability to regenerate and stimulating collagen production. Resulting in a younger, firmer complexion without visible wrinkles or blemishes..

What is IPL Facial and how many sessions are necessary?

The IPL is a photorejuvenation laser treatment that uses pulsed light to act on pigmented or vascular lesions allowing remove spots and redness of the skin of the face, neck or chest

It is a treatment that does not require a recovery period and although the results begin to be visible from the first session It is recommended to carry out between 3 and 5 sessions to achieve the highest quality of treatment.

What is HIFU Facial and how long does the treatment effect last?

HIFU is a truly innovative aesthetic technique that consists of applying a ultrasound beam on the desired area to reshape the tissue. It allows acting on different points of the face, reaffirming and remodeling to create a lifting effect without the need for surgery.

The desired result can be achieved in just 3 or 4 sessions and the effect of this treatment has a duration approximately 1 year.

What are the benefits of diamond tip facial cleansing?

Facial cleansing with a diamond tip deeply removes dead skin cells from the face and stimulates collagen production, improving circulation and oxygenation of the skin. This process Helps reduce the visibility of acne marks, scars and superficial wrinkles. Unifying skin tone and improving its elasticity.

What effect does wood therapy have on the face?

The facial wood therapy It is a type of therapeutic massage that activates the lymphatic and circulatory system. Among its benefits we find that reduces puffiness of the face and eye bags, minimizes expression lines and relaxes the muscles. Allowing relief from migraines and eye pain. 

How to get a face lift without surgery?

One of the most advanced and demanded treatments on the market to remodel, firm and tighten facial skin without the need for surgery is HIFU ULFIT. This technology allows you to firm the skin, remodel the facial contour and raise the cheekbones, creating a lifting effect.

What does facial oxygenation do to our face?

Facial oxygenation or oxygen therapy is an aesthetic treatment that allows skin regeneration and revitalization of the face getting a good face effect and one much brighter skin.

What is the best treatment to eliminate spots and redness on the face?

He IPL facial photorejuvenation treatment  It is one of the most demanded on the market to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. This technology works using a pulsed light laser to unify and smooth the skin. Getting to progressively eliminate redness and spots on the face.

What is the most effective treatment to eliminate eye bags and combat facial wrinkles?

The tratment of Indiba Facial Radiofrequency It is a safe and non-invasive therapy that allows firming the skin of the face and neck. Eliminating eye bags and visibly reducing facial wrinkles.

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