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Helps the body reduce body volume.

The treatment is highly effective and customizable, it can be done in a generalized way or focused on the needs of a specific area of the body.

Using two manual techniques and one appliance we will be able to reduce or eradicate fluid retention, fat and cellulite, among others.

Regarding the appliance part, we have the only equipment in the world that is capable of acting on several body areas selectively and simultaneously, at 2 levels, treating both superficial and intra-abdominal fat. Increases basal metabolism and lipolytic activity.

In this way we enhance energy consumption by forcing the body to increase natural lipolytic activity, degrading triglyceride chains into glycerol and fatty acids. then to enhance the effect and cause in the body a combustion effect of the fat released thanks to thermal biostimulation, a high concentration of caffeine and hot and cold thermo-agents that aim to fight against cellulite and fat deposits. stimulating the lymphatic system as well as the natural detoxification process and the release of excess accumulated fluid.

Finish with a remodeling massage to shape the body that will enhance the results of the treatment.

For results maintained over time, it is necessary to perform sessions regularly, 2 sessions per week are recommended. It is important to remember that results may vary depending on the needs of each client, their age, lifestyle and body condition. Therefore, having a healthy and active routine will always have a positive influence.


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This treatment remodels the silhouette and helps the body reduce body volume.

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