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Eyelash Growth Serum 3ml

The nourishing substances in the serum penetrate deeply into the roots of the eyelashes and act from the inside. Thanks to the deep nourishment of the hair roots, the eyelashes become strong, thick and incredibly long in a short time. Nanolash darkens eyelashes and prevents them from falling out and becoming vulnerable. Most users experience a difference in their eyelashes after just 15 days.

The Nanolash Serum formula was developed in leading laboratories and underwent detailed analysis. The effectiveness of Nanolash is supported by dozens of studies and reactions from testers around the world, as well as positive reviews published in women's magazines and professional literature. The Dermarolling Nanolash serum has a shelf life of 12 months from its opening and although it has been widely tested, we do not recommend its use during pregnancy. Nanolash is also suitable for glasses wearers and when wearing eyelash extensions. Also safe to use in case of sensitivity to cosmetic products.

Brand Nanolash

Benefits Promotes eyelash growth. Longer and denser eyelashes

Application  Apply the eyelash serum daily after removing makeup to clean skin. Apply a small amount of the eyelash serum to the upper and lower lash line using the included brush. Only regular use of eyelash serum has the desired effect.

recommendations  When you have reached the desired length and thickness of eyelashes, do not stop using Nanolash. Your eyelashes will thank you if you continue using the serum 2-3 times a week to provide them with good hydration and maintain the effect.


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Eyelash Growth Serum (3ml) – Nanolash



Eyelash Serum 50% Longer eyelashes in just 30 days!

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