What is microneedling with Dermapen and how does it act on the face?

He microneedling with dermapen It is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments in facial rejuvenation. It consists of performing multiple micropunctures on the skin using a small device made up of 11 microneedles. This procedure stimulates the facial skin regeneration capacity and facilitates much deeper penetration of the cosmetic active ingredients applied later.

For this same reason, it is common to combine the Dermapen session with the application of some professional cosmetic active ingredient. The choice of which varies depending on the needs of each face, with active ingredients with vitamins being the most common.
But it hurts? Treatment with dermapen is little painful or bothersome and, generally, a mild anesthetic cream or local cold is applied to the area prior to the session.

When performing the treatment, it is important to keep in mind that after the microneedling session with dermapen, the treated areas of the face may show slight redness, inflammation or small bruises. These signs should not be a cause for concern, as they are common in more reactive skin and disappear after 24/48 hours at most. However, to accelerate this disappearance of redness on the face, the best option is to consult with the specialist who performs the session what the healing/soothing cream most suitable to apply after treatment.


Benefits of a microneedling treatment with Dermapen

As we have previously mentioned, microneedling treatment with dermapen is a procedure that works on the facial skin, activating its ability to regenerate and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. But what visible benefits does this bring to our face?

  • Reduces the visibility of wrinkles and facial expression lines
  • Eliminate acne marks and scars among other
  • Reaffirms the skin of the face and gives it luminosity
  • Reduces the visibility of spots and vascular lesions
  • Allows a greater penetration of cosmetics on the skin
  • Lasting results, minimum 12 months

The results of microneedling with Dermapen begin to be visible from the first session. However, It is advisable to carry out at least 6 sessions to achieve the maximum potential of the treatment.


When to have a microneedling treatment with Dermapen?

¡If you search rejuvenate your face this is your treatment! Microneedling treatment with Dermapen is a treatment especially indicated for people seeking reduce the visibility of wrinkles, expression lines, scars or marks. However, thanks to the fact that it enhances the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, it is also indicated for people with dry skin who need a deep hydration.


How much does a microneedling treatment with Dermapen cost?

The price of a Dermapen session may vary from €50 to €150 depending on various factors such as location, clinic or substance to be applied. Therefore, when choosing a center or calculating the price you must take two factors into account: the duration of the session and the total number of sessions to be carried out. Commonly microneedling sessions with Dermapen last 60-70 minutes and, as we have already mentioned, a total of 6 sessions are usually recommended to achieve the best results.



from €55/session